Caring Hands Behavioral Health Services
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About Us

At Caring Hands we have a large amount of experience working with children within the Department of Child and Family Services. Here at Caring Hands, we go above and beyond to help children accomplish their goals and to succeed in life. We have experienced many various situations with children being removed from their homes and placed into the foster care system. We strive to help build, strengthen and empower families to live healthier better lives. Each case is reviewed and assigned to fit the family and case workers needs. Furthermore, we service rural areas througout Clark County. 

1. We strive for success with families.

2. We use therapeutic interventions to help teach various skills. We transport youth to appointments as it is important with meeting their treatment goals.

3. We use clinical methods in determining treatment and maintain consistent communication with members of the team.

4. Our workers are well trained to accommodate each family with their long-range goals.

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