Caring Hands Behavioral Health Services
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Our Services

Caring Hands offers Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Services (PSR) which include mental health interventions designed to reduce psycho-social dysfunction (i.e. interpersonal cognitive, behavioral development, etc.) and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. PSR services target psycho-social functioning within a variety of social settings. Recipients learn how to manage their interpersonal emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses to various situations.

Also, Basic Skills Training (BST) is offered which consists of different interventions designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairment and restore clients to their highest level of functioning. BST helps recipients aquire (learn) constructive, cognitive and behavioral skills through positive reinforcement, modeling, operant conditioning, and training techniques.

Caring Hands also offers Clinical Assessments with Licensed Professional Counselors to determine clinical methods in treating clients and their families to create balance and stability within the home.
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